About Us

Common Sense Consulting....


We are a boutique Consultancy borne of the recognition of a need for simple answers to complex problems.


Our principle consultant, Charles Stewardson, has over 25 years experience covering roles in procurement, operations management, customer care and services, account development and sales, general management and Board level business management.


These roles have been in a wide range of companies from small service companies to major corporates such as HP, DHL and Ingram Micro and also have covered Global reach with a specialism in Europe.




We have seen and worked with many consultants, both leading brands and boutiques, and a consistent theme that presents itself is the overwhelming complexity and demands upon the resources of the customer to make their solutions work.


We don't believe that this is necessary. It may be impressive to be able to quote accepted management theories and re-hash them into saleable material with proprietary templates but much of the way we work is based upon Common-sense.


This is what we use as our baseline. Chances are if you can apply Common-sense to your business problems using a light-touch facilitated approach, you will get buy-in and see results far more quickly than the accepted practices of consultancy.


We have a network of like-minded thinkers with complimentary skills that we mobilise to deliver our solutions.